Family Portraits

When you have children, you soon realise within the first few weeks how quickly time can fly. From their wrinkly little hands and feet, to their first smiles, giggles and steps. Time moves way too fast. As a parent myself, I’m constantly wishing that time will stop moving so quickly. This is where the beauty of professional family portraits really shines. While its not always possible to to capture the exact moments that define us, it is possible to capture your family at important stages in your life.

Our family portrait photography is in high demand from clients through Sydney, and in particular Sydney’s north shore and northern districts. All of our family portraits are photographed on location at beautiful Sydney outdoor locations such as beaches or parks, and at our client’s homes. From our experience, the more natural and relaxed environment, the more natural your portraits will be.

Our style of family portraits is best described as relaxed and natural. Even if you are not a natural in front the camera, which lets face it, not many of us are! Our skills and experience will help you look and feel relaxed so you will look great! Our sessions are never hurried, as we allow enough time to capture all possible combinations of your family portraits. We are just as much at home photographing small families of three, as we are photographing large extended families of twenty four!

If you have any questions about our family portrait photography, please just let us know.