Baby Portrait Photography

Having a baby, whether they are your first, second or third or fourth, is a really special time in your life. You soon realise not long after the birth of your bub that time flies way too fast. The first year of your baby's life is full of many firsts and many beautiful and cheeky giggles and expressions.

Most of our baby portrait photography is captured throughout Sydney, and in particular the north shore and north western districts of Sydney. We would usually recommend photographing your baby at your home using available light on lounges, beds or other furniture throughout your home. We avoid using bright lights and flash, as some babies can be quite sensitive to light. Our baby portrait sessions are not limited by time, as we realize that sometimes with babies, we may need to have a break for you to give your bub a feed or nappy change

One of the most popular questions we are asked about baby portrait photography, is what age is best to capture your baby at. It's a tricky question, as it ultimately comes down what love in baby portraits. Some prefer their bubs as newborns, as tiny as they'll ever be, wrinkled little hands and feet with silky smooth baby skin. This is generally best within the first 2 or so weeks. Others may like to wait until their bubs are sitting up, and dishing out oodles of smiles and giggles. This age certainly has its benefits in the way that your bub can sit, hold themselves better, and are usually a lot more responsive and interactive. Generally this is anywhere from around 6 months to 9mths, but really can be up until just before they can walk. Once your bub can walk, they really are entering their next stage of being a toddler! Younger babies that are unable to sit up, are usually best once they are great on their tummy for small periods of time.

If you have any questions about our baby portrait photography sessions, please let us know.